Rock Thru Window on Ring's End Rd: Burglary Attempt?

Nobody entered the home, it appears, after a rock was thrown through a pane of an outside door.

Police say they aren't absolutely certain why a rock was thrown through the right-bottom pain of glass on the outside kitchen door of a home on Ring's End Road, but they're guessing it was an attempt to burglarize the home.

If that's so, police don't know why the burglary was aborted.

What they do know is that on Wednesday, March 26, a person at the house left on Friday, March 21 and returned on Wednesday to find the pane broken, a rock on the kitchen floor and both locks on the door in the locked position.

Nothing was found to be missing from the home, and there was no indication that the home had been entered (police checked inside and outside the house).


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