Saved Mallards, Dead Turkey & What an iPhone Can't Do

If you're going to do what you shouldn't do—and we're not saying they did, mind you—but if you are, it's nice for the rest of us to read about if you'd at least do it with a little panache.

following the sound of their mother's quacks accidentally fell into a storm drain on Main Street in Monroe on May 24. The Monroe Animal Control officer who handled the call said, "The mother was going nuts." She rescued the ducklings one-by-one with the help of a Public Works employee and seversaal pedestrians.


A Monroe man was arrested on a warrant May 23 for allegedly and hanging up 21 times.


Police said a Monroe man arrested for on Saturday used his one phone call to call the person he is not supposed to contact, leading to a second arrest on the same charge.


A Norwalk woman tried to claim an iPhone app showed her she was sober enough to drive—but police said they arrested her for having a .134 blood alcohol level.


An unmarked white van pulled up to a lone, wild turkey one Monday morning in Wilton. Then, in the Wilton version of a drive-by shooting, a shotgun emerged from the passenger window. . 


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