Stealing Smokey on a Teen 'Bucket List'

Poor Smokey Bear was targeted for theft.

Three teenagers arrested on charges of stealing the wooden Smokey Bear cutouts on Woodbury's fire alert sign said , according to town officials.


Norwalk police spotted a car this week sitting in an apartment complex parking lot . A closer inspection of the vehicle revealed a handgun and marijuana inside the vehicle.


Trumbull Police said an Easton man and a Monroe woman on Main Street in Trumbull near Edison Road. It was later determined they were robbed in Bridgeport trying to purchase narcotics, Trumbull police said. Both were released on written promises to appear in court and their robbery report was forwarded to Bridgeport police.


A Fairfield man faces multiple motor vehicle charges after he allegedly . Police said he first struck the bumper of a car stopped at a stoplight. He left the scene after first exchanging insurance information with the other driver. When he arrived in his own neighborhood, he struck the bumper of a large truck parked on the street before parking in his driveway, police said.



At 1:20 a.m. one Monday, Darien Police say, they found an SUV stopped in front of a stop sign with the 33-year-old driver asleep at the wheel. The sleeping man was  holding the steering wheel with his left hand; . The gear was still in drive. After repeated attempts, police eventually were able to wake the man up. Then they charged him with driving while under the influence and driving without a driver's license.


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