Stolen Gym Bag Contained $1,000 Suit, $500 Shoes & Wallet & Keys

Sure, the man who lost $1,700 worth of property in the theft must have been saddened -- but imagine the beatific smile on the face of the thief.

Talk about the wrong start to a day: Early on the morning of April 28, a man left his L.L.Bean gym bag unsecured in the locker room of the Darien YMCA as he showered.

Only to find the bag and all its contents gone when he got out. Along with the $1,000 suit and $500 shoes inside were his car keys and wallet. Altogether, the man valued the stolen items at $1,700.

Thinking someone might have made a mistake in taking the bag, the man waited until 8 p.m. to inform Darien police of the theft.

The credit cards had still not been used by that time. Police investigating the incident looked at surveillance tape outside the locker room but didn't see anyone with the bag, which could still be in someone's locker at the Y, located at 2420 Post Rd.

Police are continuing to investigate the matter.


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