Surprise Comings and Goings Around the County

This week's most unusual crime reports from all over lower Fairfield County.

SURPRISING ARRIVAL: The head of a Fairfield high school student served as the site for a . The student was not injured; police and animal control were unable to locate a nest in the vicinity.


SURPRISING DEPARTURE: Be careful who your friends are: A Bridgeport man reported to Fairfield police that a woman he met at a club and with whom he later sojourned in a hotel is likely the culprit .


ANOTHER SURPRISING DEPARTURE: The 's director reported a larceny to police on Jan. 11. She reportedly told police that two employees were missing cash and other items from purses that were kept in a back room. The employees reported that they suspected a new volunteer, who had put her purse in the same location, and who left earlier than scheduled.

The new volunteer was arrested later that day. Police said she told them that she spent the cash and threw away the credit and debit cards. She was charged with sixth-degree larceny.


UNTIMELY ARRIVAL? The owner of a hookah lounge in Fairfield . The lounge had previously been shut down by the Fire Department after citations charging it with health and safety code violations.



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