Teen Accused of Negligent Homicide May Avoid Prison

The state prosecutor agreed to a "disposition of youthful offender status" for 17 year-old Brianna McEwen, according to the Norwalk Hour.

New Canaan teen Brianna McEwen, who was charged with negligent homicide for allegedly striking and killing Kenneth Dorsey of Norwalk while driving on New Canaan Avenue on March 24, will most likely serve no prison time after Norwalk Superior Court prosecutor Suzanne Vieux agreed to a plea deal on Monday, according to the Norwalk Hour.

The state "agreed to a disposition of youthful offender status," Vieux told the court, according to the Hour, and noted that the Dorsey family had also agreed with the deal. As a "youthful offender" in the state of Connecticut, McEwen, 17,  would receive a suspended sentence and have her case sealed from the public.

Disposition in case is scheduled for Friday.

According to police, McEwan, who was 16 at the time, was using her smart phone when she hit Dorsey. Upon her arrest, she was facing up to six months in prison if convicted.

Editor's note: This article previously was published on New Canaan Patch.


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