That Other Use of Handcuffs

Reports of unusual matters for the police beyond the confides of Fairfield County, but not all that far away.

Orange police had to come to the rescue of a and couldn't get them off. No keys would work, so police had to take the man to headquarters, where they used bolt cutters to free him.


A says a Southington man threatened to publish a tell-all book alleging a Major League Baseball player is gay if the Southington man did not receive proper compensation. No charges have been filed, police say, but the investigation is ongoing.


Two Milford teens were this week for attempting to break into a vehicle after their ride to a party in that town reportedly bailed on them, police said.


A Southington man was after he allegedly broke into the Woodbridge Library. Officers chased the suspect into the wooded area across from the library and after a brief struggle, took him into custody.


A Prospect woman had a protective order taken out against her by a Hamden woman, but that didn't stop her from allegedly the woman early Sunday morning in Hamden, according to police.


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