That's Just the Way They Roll, Allegedly

Police allege unusual conduct on four wheels and off.


On four wheels ...


A complaint of erratic driving led to a heroin bust in Monroe. When stopped by an officer, the driver reportedly told him he drove erratically because he had to go to the bathroom really, really bad.


Westport police arrested a driver who was allegedly driving double the posted speed limit (60 in a 30 mph zone). The driver was also double the legal alcohol limit, police said. 


Greenwich Police say they arrested a motorist who was reportedly following a commercial delivery driver in the wee, small hours of the morning Feb. 19, thinking the driver was a friend. The motorist was busted for DWI.


A New Haven man was charged with driving under the influence this week after a golfer found the man lying in the woods bordering the Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course in Fairfield. The man's car was found 50 yards away.


Police said two burglars who were caught stealing tools from someone’s garage early Thursday morning in Naugatuck can blame their downfall on a loud vehicle exhaust pipe.


And on two feet ...


A Milford man is accused of blocking a former companion's path while she was walking, picking the victim up onto his shoulder and hanging up her cell phone when she attempted to contact 911 for assistance.


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