Thievery Twice in 1 Week at Darien Supermarket

A pocketbook was stolen at Whole Foods Market on Oct. 8, then a woman's wallet was stolen there two days later.

Two different shoppers at Whole Foods Market in Darien reported personal items stolen from shopping carts at the store in unrelated incidents on different days last week.

Darien police gave these accounts of the incidents:

Monday, Oct. 8: a pocketbook

At about 4 p.m., a customer reported to police that her pocketbook had been stolen as she was shopping.

The store surveillance camera showed a female pushing the victim's shopping cart, where the pocketbook had been left, down an aisle, where it was left unattended for a brief period.

The tan pocketbook only had about $30 in cash in it, but also various credit cards and a cell phone.

Police described the female suspect as thin, with dirty blonde hair and wearing leggings and a grey sweater or sweatshirt.

Wednesday, Oct. 10: woman's wallet

A woman shopping at the store at 5:30 p.m. told police she inadvertently left her wallet in her shopping cart. When she went back to get it, she discovered it had been stolen.

It contained about $100 in cash and at least one credit card. A police review of the store's surveillance video "proved inconclusive," police said.


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