Top 25 Highest-Paid Employees of New Canaan

Dr. David Abbey, Superintendent of Public Schools, tops list of highest-paid employees of New Canaan.

Dr. David Abbey, Superintendent of New Canaan Public Schools, who is retiring at the end of the school year, was the highest-paid employee of the town of New Canaan in 2011. Abbey, who started as the director of special education in 1987 and is currently in his ninth year as the chief of public schools, made $263,492 in salary last year. Mary Kolek, Deputy Superintendent of Public Schools was next, earning $191,289.

Jeb Walker, former First Selectman, did not make it into the Top 25. Walker earned $113,375.22 in 2011.

As is custom, a number of employees of the police and fire departments made the list. First Selectman Rob Mallozzi says you can't put a dollar figure on what they do for the town.

"There's always that possibility the police and fire department will encounter something unbelievably difficult and put their life on the line because of that," said Mallozzi. "The truth is, at any given time, they are going to put themselves in harm's way on our behalf. In the end, they get paid because they're doing something that I don't think everyone of us could do or wants to do."

2011 Top-25 Highest-Paid Employees of Town of New Canaan

1. David Abbey Superintendent of  Public Schools $263,492.00 2. Mary Kolek Deputy Superintendent of Public Schools $191,289.00 3. Steve Swerdlick Assist. Superintendent of Public Schools $186,715.00 4. Bryan Luizzi NCHS Principal $173,966.00 5. Darlene Pianka Director of Special Education $165,111.00 6. William Ferri Police Lieutenant $164,028.31 7. Greg Macedo Saxe Middle School Principal $159,973.00 8. Jason Ferraro Police Sergeant $159,373.92 9. Doug Farrenkoph NCHS Teacher & Dir. After School Programs $159,354.35 10. Eugene Tiani Fire Captain $157,327.30 11.  Jill Correnty West School Principal $155,755.00 12. Alexandra Potts East School Principal $154,605.00 (tie) Joanne Rocco South School Principal $154,605.00 14. Joseph Meehan
Director of Finance and Operations
$154,298.00 15. Jay Egan
NCHS Athletic Director
$152,830.46 16. James George
Police Lieutenant
$149.166.12 17. Robert Miller
Director Information & Comm. Technologies
$147,823.00 18. Alan Sneath
Director of Visual & Performing Arts
$147,273.00 19. Ari Rothman
NCHS Assistant Principal $147,173.00 20. Lawrence Sullivan
NCHS Assistant Principal
$147,073.00 21. Mary Ann DeFelice
Special Education Coordinator $143,590.00 22. Carole Pakkala
Special Education Coordinator
$143,490.00 23. Linda Spenard
Saxe Middle School Assistant Principal
$143,390.00 24. Lizette D'Amico
K-8 World Languages/K-12 Coordinator
$143,190.00 25. Michael Baker
Fire Lieutenant

Note: Alexandra Potts and Joanne Rocco each made $154,605, placing them 12th in wages earned.

Veteran lieutenant William Ferri was the highest-paid employee of the New Canaan Police Department, earning $164,028.31 in gross pay. That number includes salary, overtime, and side jobs.

Source: Town of New Canaan and Board of Education.


NC Proud February 21, 2012 at 11:40 PM
With all the fire volunteers, why is it necessary to have paid firefighters? I also understand that Vista has a volunteer department, what makes NC so different that we need paid firefighters? Why not look into combining forces with Darien?
Hope February 22, 2012 at 12:42 AM
No, we/you/the town was looking to expand the fire hydrants up in the Northern / Easterner part of town! Add in a new sub station...sounds great to me. Add in EMS and we are all set. People first...things second. :)
whynewcanaanwhy February 22, 2012 at 01:59 PM
NC Proud: Don't you think we would have an all-volunteer fire department if we had adequate coverage from volunteers, especially during the daytime hours. Residents have to have jobs and often commute to NYC. It is not as if the town said, "Let's spend as much as possible, especially on benefits and hire as many paid firefighters as we can." We still have volunteer firefighters, but the town figured out long ago that they needed to first hire paid drivers and then full-time firefighters. We are very fortunate that we have a combination department-paid and volunteer firefighters that gets the job done. There are many regulations mandated by the federal government that firefighters must employ when fighting a fire- two-in, two-out, so you need at least 4 personnel to fight a fire. This ensures their safety. The price we pay in New Canaan only matters until you have to call 911
NC Proud February 22, 2012 at 11:10 PM
WhyNewCanaanWhy - I guess we are not as lucky as those in Vista and Darien. Our residents have to work during the day and theirs don't. I should have realized the difference sooner.
Hope February 23, 2012 at 04:04 AM
Well Noroton FD is looking for private donations of 1 mil. Perhaps you can contribute?


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