Cops: Woman Arrested in Bank Fraud Scheme

Jamalia Q. Boyd, 33, of New York City, charged with bank fraud by Darien Police (Darien police arrest photo)
Jamalia Q. Boyd, 33, of New York City, charged with bank fraud by Darien Police (Darien police arrest photo)
Darien Police announced that they now have in custody a second individual they say was filing false business names with the town clerk's office, then going to banks to try to get stolen checks cashed with the new business names.

After police were notified that highly unusual business names were showing up for addresses in residential neighborhoods, a man and a woman were accused of trying to cash stolen checks made out to real businesses at different locations but with the same names.

"Jamalia Q. Boyd, 33, of 2304 7th Ave, New York, NY was taken into custody in New York City after waiving extradition," Darien police said in a news release. "Boyd was originally arrested by New York City and Darien detectives on Oct. 23 and held on the Darien charges until her extradition to Connecticut on Jan. 9.
"Boyd was the second person arrested by the Darien Police in which she and an accomplice, Michael Brady, had been implicated in bank fraud. 

"Boyd and Brady had filed false trade names at the Darien Town Clerk’s office and used those names to open fraudulent bank accounts. 

"Boyd deposited stolen checks into the accounts and quickly withdrew the money which totaled $57,000.  Other attempts to withdrawal funds were thwarted after Darien detectives notified numerous financial institutions of the scam.

"Michael Brady had already been arrested, Dec. 9, by the Darien Police Department for his participation in the scheme.  Brady is still being held at the Bridgeport Correctional Center for the Darien charges.

"Boyd was held on a $150,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 20."


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