23 Sue Trumbull Over Tax Assessment

The suits follow the recent revaluation.

Numerous businesses or building owners, including both malls in Trumbull, are suing to reduce their tax assessments.

Town officials have said businesses will shoulder more of the tax burden. Most of the town's real estate values fell about 20 percent after this year's revaluation, but the residential side lost more value.

Some of the businesses that sued already challenged their taxes before their assessment to the Board of Assessment Appeals. 

The businesses and their assessments (70 percent of their market value) are:

BUSINESS Assessed Value ($) Fair Market Value($) (l, 5065 Main St.) 8.6 million 12.3 million Parallel Post Real Estate, 180 Hawley Lane, 18.4 million 26.2 million MIT Partners LLC, 1 Trefoil Drive 2.2 million 3.2 million K Brothers LLC, 6335 Main St. (Dunn's Service of Trumbull, Inc.) 408,900 584,100 Trumbull Shopping Center #2 LLC, (Westfield Trumbull Mall) 218.6 million

312.3 million


National Development Resources Limited Partnership, 100 Hawley Lane (Hawley Lane Mall) 18.4 million 26.3 million RVW Limited Partnership, 48 Monroe Tnpk. (United Healthcare) 18.6 million 26.5 million  , 116 Quarry Road 16.1 million 22.9 million Digital 60 & 80 Merritt LLC, 60 Merritt Blvd. 46.3 million 66.1 million Estate of F. Francis D'Addario et. al., 800 Booth Hill Road 2.1 million 3.01 million Prime Development Group LLC, 101 Merritt Blvd. 3.7 million 5.2 million Avery Abrasives, Inc., 2225 Reservoir Ave. 2.2 million 3.2 million Anville, LLC, 6 Cambridge Drive 4.1 million 5.9 million Trefoil Park, LLC, 126 Monroe Tnpk 1.7 million 2.5 milion Trefoil Park, LLC, 35 and 55 Corporate Drive 2.3 million 3.9 million Trefoil Park LLC, 30 Trefoil Drive and 204 Spring Hill Road 3.4 million 4.9 million Seventy-One Twenty Main LLC, 7120 Main St. 5.9 million 8.5 million Trumbull Medical Arts LLC, 15 Corporate Drive 5.5 million 7.9 million 12 CDT LLC, 12 Cambridge Drive 3.9 million 5.5 million McCoy Ventures, LLC, 29 Trefoil Drive 4.5 million 6.4 million Digital 60 & 80 Merritt LLC, 60-80 Merritt Blvd. 10 million 14.3 million Mahle Inc. N/K/A Mahle Engine Components USA Inc. and Securemark Decal Corporation, 20 Nutmeg Drive 3.2 million 4.6 million Old Mine Associates LLC, 90 Monroe Turnpike 11.9 million 17 million

The Board of Finance and the Town Council have already approved the first selectman's budget with few changes and the Board of Finance set the tax rate at 30.71 mills. A mill is a $1 tax levied per $1,000 of assessed value. The current tax rate is 25 mills.


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Improvements to the completed in late 2010 and a host of new businesses moving in gave the Grand List, the list of all taxable property town, a boost by $93 million.

Herbst has said lawsuits during revaluations are not unexpected. They are generally decided by one judge in New Britain Superior Court.

Roy Fuchs June 18, 2012 at 11:44 AM
Taken together, what is the town's assessed value for Westfield Mall, what do the Mall's owners value it at and how forthcoming have they been in sharing the costs of their much needed and well done renovations?
louis June 18, 2012 at 02:18 PM
What do you guys mean? Aren't you folks psyched like the homeowners?....your property is worth lots of cashola.....in high demand....
louis June 18, 2012 at 02:38 PM
Sorry folks, but the government you keep electing will probably say they have no choice, that is the market price....sorry.
Tom Kelly March 26, 2013 at 02:22 AM
Aaron, could you follow up with the town and see how many of these suits were resolved and if any of them are going to court? Thank you!


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