Darien TV79 Program Guide Beginning Aug. 17

This week TV79 airs a compilation of the Area Nine Cable Council's student video production award winners.


Airing this week…


  • Student Video Award Winners   5-12   ( runs 1:57 )                    
    • Airs:  4:17, 8:00 AM & PM


  •  DCA – Volunteer Awards  5-18    (runs  1:13 )                        RERUN
    •  Airs:  12:23  AM & PM


  •  Police Comm / Bldg Comm  8-14 & 15   ( runs  2:26 )
    •  Airs:  9:57  AM & PM


  •  Board of Selectmen   8-6   ( runs  1:36 )                                VIDEO
    •  Airs   1:36, 6:14  AM & PM


  •  YWCA Women of Distinction  5-9   ( runs 1:05 )                    RERUN
    •  Airs   3:12  AM & PM



 Planned coverage for week ahead:


            Monday          7:45 PM          Board of Selectmen                          live                  AGENDA



SPECIAL THIS WEEK:   Don’t miss our airing of the winners of the Area Nine Cable Council’s student video production award winners.  See what Middle and High School students are learning and producing in their school video classes.


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