Darien TV79 Program Guide effective Friday Oct 12, 2012

Should the Darien Boat Club be allowed to expand? See what neighbors said at a stormy public hearing. Also, why is Monuments and Ceremonies Comm. dropping planned Veterans Day plans 11/11/12? All that and more... your town gov't in action... on


 Airing this week…


  • Darien Boat Club – Public Hearing  10-10   ( runs 2:03 )
    •  Airs:  3:25, 8:00  AM & PM


  •  Board of Selectmen  9-24    (runs  1:32 )                                    AGENDA
    •  Airs:  5:28, 10:03  AM & PM


  •  Monuments & Ceremonies Comm  10-9   ( runs  :47 )            AGENDA
    •  Airs:  7:00, 11:35  AM & PM


  •  Enviro Protec Comm.  10-3   ( runs  1:34 )                             AGENDA
    •  Airs:  12:22  AM & PM


  •  Adv Comm on Coastal Waters  10-3   ( runs 1:25 )                AGENDA
    •  Airs:  2:00  AM & PM


 Planned coverage for week ahead:



            Monday          7:45 pm          Board of Selectmen              live                  AGENDA


            Tuesday         12 Noon          Mather / Bd of Ed / Shuffle   live                  AGENDA


                                    8:00 pm          Planning & Zoning Comm.   live     


            Wednesday    3:00 pm          Police HQ Bldg Comm          taped


                                    5:00 pm          Police Commission               taped



Live coverage (usually weeknight evenings) will pre-empt the schedule above. 


To receive TV79’s weekly program schedule, e-mail us at channel79@darienct.gov    Copies of TV79 coverage are available for $25 per DVD.  Follow us on Twitter (@DarienTV79) for programming updates all week.


If you receive multiple copies of this Program Guide or wish to unsubscribe, just e-mail us at channel79@darienct.gov or call 656-7484 and give us your e-mail address.



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