Emergency Operation Center Coming to Darien

Connecticut Light and Power is changing its business model and improving communication during mass power outages.


Darien was one of dozens of coastal and inland Connecticut towns that experienced severe and prolonged power outages last year after and a . With thousands of residents frustrated and confused, Connecticut Light & Power has reexamined its business model, which means a more responsive government for towns like Darien.

On May 25, Town Selectman Jayme Stevenson met with the to discuss the creation of an emergency operation center. Previously, when bad weather struck, a pointperson would communicate from a CL&P facility in Stamford. Going forward, said Stevenson, protocol will be to open an emergency operation center in town.

During Monday night's Board of Selectmen's meeting, Stevenson announced that there would be a dedicated area at the police department with access to tools and software to help assist with better communication and integration during inclement weather and power outages.

“We’re working on our local protocols and hope to be positioned to be ready to bring that all together next time an emergency happens,” said Stevenson. “I’m very heartened that CL&P is changing their business model.”


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