Rob Does the Job for New Canaan Republicans [Update Video]

After a long, tough campaign battle, Rob Mallozzi beats out Paul Giusti for the Republican nomination for New Canaan's First Selectman.

The wait for the of the Republican caucus seemed longer than the campaign itself. After the polls closed at 8:30 on Tuesday night at Saxe Middle School, the candidates, their families and supporters, anxiously awaited the final tally. 

At 12:16 a.m. on Wednesday, moderator Dennis Taylor made the announcement most had come for. 

"In the race for First Selectman, Giusti 907 votes, Mallozzi 1,313." 

And with that, the hotly-contested race for the Republican nomination for First Selectman was over. 

"I'm extremely happy with the outcome," Mallozzi said. "I've been around this town for a long time, people know me, I didn't have to advertise myself. I've been Selectman for the last four years. People knew my management style and I really appreciate that they voted for me." 

Mallozzi beat Giusti by a strong margin of 406 votes. It marked the second time in four years that the owner of has won a campaign against Giusti. In 2007, Mallozi earned the Selectman's position over Giusti. 

"It's unfortunate that in campaigns, there has to be a winner and a loser," Giusti said. "I thought I ran a good, honest campaign that really focused on the issues. I want to congratulate Rob and thank my supporters who worked incredibly hard." 

The battle for the Republican nomination for Selectman was not much of a contest. Nick Williams, chairman of the Board of Education, came through with a big win over John Engel 1,324 to 755. 

"As my wife said, 'it's Christmas in July,' Williams said. "I am truly humbled that the voters voted me in. This is a terrific town, one of the best in the country. John [Engel] ran a great campaign. It was a tough race and I'm thankful that I won." 

Locking down the four spots for Town Council were candidates who New Canaan is quite familiar with. Stephen Karl (1,538), Tucker Murphy (1,439) and Kenneth Campbell (1,005) all earned the right to be on the November ballot as endorsed Republican candidates.

E. Roger Williams (1,006) also won the right to be on the ballot as a party-endorsed candidate.

"I'm very thankful," Williams, who is currently the New Canaan Fire Commissioner, said. "I'm honored to represent this party. This campaign brought out a lot of issues that need to be addressed."

There will be no change at the position of Town Clerk. Claudia Weber, who has held the job since 1998, edged Jennifer Purdy in a tight race 1,120-947. 

As history shows, whoever wins this caucus, usually wins the general election in the fall, which will be held on November 8.

(Editor's Note: This article has been changed from the original version to reflect the fact that candidates for the Town Council did not win seats on the council, but rather won the right to be on the November ballot as Republican party-endorsed candidates. Patch thanks reader David Kostek for bringing this to our attention.)

David Kostek July 20, 2011 at 05:03 PM
An important detail: "Stephen Karl (1,538), Tucker Murphy (1,439) and Kenneth Campbell (1,005) were all re-elected to the council. E. Roger Williams (1,006) will fill the position vacated by Paul Foley, who chose not to run again." Actually, no one won a seat on the Town Council last night. They won the Republican party's endorsements to appear on the ballot as nominated Republicans. Now, I grant that is is EXTREMELY unlikely that any of those endorsed by the GOP last night would somehow lose out in November. But, a Republican could force a primary, for example, and ultimately end up on the ballot instead of one of the four who won endorsements last night. If the Democratic party nominated four candidates as well, voters could elect three of each. Or, voters could elect a Green party candidate (hey, you never know!) or someone running on another party line. Again, these scenarios are all very unlikely in New Canaan, I know. But it is imprecise to say anyone "won" a position in town government last night.
Sheryl Shaker July 20, 2011 at 05:18 PM
David Kostek: Thank you for pointing out the difference. The article has been changed to reflect that Town Council candidates were not re-elected to the council, but won the Republican party's endorsement for the November ballot.
Lauren Cerretani July 20, 2011 at 05:47 PM
I agree with Bruce Pauley. Time to unite and move forward for the sake of our town.
Jane Himmel July 20, 2011 at 07:21 PM
In that same vein, to correct heavens sake: The Republican voters of New Canaan have spoken! And, I agree with SCC: I don't know how anyone can say "what" the voters have spoken about. Rob beat Paul in 2007; now he beat him again. What did the voters "speak" about last time?
heavens sake July 20, 2011 at 08:09 PM
Sorry for error. Should have read "Selectman candidate ". As far as issues, countless Patch comments have expressed differences which for many Republican voters formed basis for voting decisions in primary and is purpose for a free press. Must admit though candidates themselves tend to pars their words to attract most voters or even worse do not address issues. Also many endorsement letters to press are "good guy and good gal" statements. Nevertheless, this primary had many issues Republican ,Democrat and Independant voters were made aware of because Town issues recieved wide and extended press coverage and no doubt reason for large turnout. I believe actual Town vote will likewise be large for same reason.


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