Terrie Wood Wins Re-election in 141st District

Voters in Darien and Norwalk will decide who will represent in Hartford next year.

Update 10:17 p.m.:

State Rep. Terrie Wood won re-election Tuesday, just edging out Democrat Rob Werner in Rowayton, but beating him handily in the larger Darien part of the 141st House District.

According to preliminary results announced Tuesday evening at Darien Republican election headquarters, Wood received a total of 7,006 votes to Werner's 3,367. Almost every vote in Wood's margin of victory was from Darien—Rowayton's vote was almost even, with 1,405 for Wood and 1,401 for Werner.

Wood, who was unopposed in her previous two elections, said she had great respect for Werner, who she called a "worthy opponent" because he ran a serious campaign on the issues. Werner had particularly emphasized changing state housing law 830(g).

Wood said the law is an "obviously" a big issue in Darien. Another big issue for the town is "the way we spend money in Hartford," she said. Wood said the state needs "smaller government and greater accountability."

She also thanked her family for tolerating her many hours in Hartford and on the road away from them. "I'm most grateful to you guys," she said.

Here's the vote by district in Darien (the 141st house district does not cover Darien's voting District 3):

District 1: Wood, 1,295; Werner, 253

District 2: Wood, 1,105; Werner, 315

District 4: Wood, 1,101; Werner, 385

District 5: Wood, 1,077; Werner, 518

District 6: Wood, 1,023; Werner, 485

Rowayton: Wood, 1,405; Werner, 1,401

Update 8:41 p.m.:

Preliminary results for voting Districts 2, 5 and 6 show state Rep. Terrie Wood with a wide lead over Democratic challenger Rob Werner in Darien voting:

District 2: Wood, 1,105; Werner, 315

District 5: Wood, 1,077; Werner, 518

District 6: Wood, 1,023; Werner, 485

Update 2:32 p.m.:

State Rep. Terrie Wood and her challenger, Democrat Rob Werner, each were standing outside the Town Hall polling place at about 2 p.m.

"It's been a great turnout," Wood said. That's probably because the weather, while cool, has been sunny and dry. "It's great to be out and feel the enthusiasm people have this year. I think every presidential election brings out the enthusiasm."

Werner said he's been enjoying the day, too, and has been visiting various polling places in Darien and Rowayton.

Original article:

Republican Terrie Wood, who is serving her second term as State Representative for the 141st District (representing Darien and Norwalk), will face off on Tuesday against Democrat Rob Werner.

One of the issues that the two seem to disagree most on is affordable housing. At a League of Women Voters Candidates Night late last month, Werner stated that affordable housing was the reason he decided to run, according to the Darien Times, touting that the statue is overdue for changes that "would need a Democrat."

Wood rebutted by saying that she helped bring forth a bill amending the affordable housing statue that got some "good traction" and that "if it was something a Democrat could do on the inside, it would have been done by now."

And while Wood touts her political experience as her advantage over Werner, Werner told the Darien Times that his strength lies in the fact that he "grew up in Hartford politics."


  • Wood received her Bachelor's degree at Rollins College, while Werner received his Bachelor's degree at the University of Pennsylvania and Trinity College.
  • Werner's previous employers include Brady, Tamoney & Alexander, Ames Department Stores and KFW Enterprises. Woods has served on the Darien Land Trust and is the co-founder of The Darien Environmental Group.


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