Weed Beach Bathhouse Now Set to Stay Open Through Aug. 28 [Update]

Bathrooms and outdoor showers will be available two weeks longer than originally planned, the Parks & Recreation Department announced Tuesday.

Updated, Aug. 2

The following was submitted by the Darien Parks and Recreation Department:

At long last, the Weed Beach Building Committee is pleased to announce the start of the  Improvement Project. Construction will commence on Aug. 15, 2011. The comprehensive plan to revitalize the park includes:

  • New bathhouse/restrooms/concession adjacent to the playground
  • New paddle tennis operations building
  • New sidewalks connecting sections of the beach property
  • New "greener" parking areas: more landscaping and less asphalt
  • Landscaping throughout the park

The project was approved by the RTM, P&Z, the Board of Finance and the Board of Selectmen in 2008 but along with all other Town capital projects. Funding was released this spring enabling the WBBC to move forward with the construction phase. [See  and ]

"Good things come to those who wait and we are thrilled that the construction on the Weed Beach Improvement Project can finally begin," explained Debbie Parnon, Chairperson of the WBBC. "Without question, the project will dramatically enhance and beautify Weed Beach Park for all residents."

On Aug. 15, 2011, mobilization of construction will begin. No lifeguards will be on duty and the concession stand will be closed. Bathrooms and outside showers will now be available until Aug. 28. The bathhouse will be closed and demolition begins on Aug. 29. Parking will also be limited during construction. Residents are encouraged to go to  where facilities will remain open until Sept. 30. Lifeguards will also be present at Pear Tree for the duration of the summer.

"Given its present condition, the existing bathhouse has been in great need of an overhaul for several years," explained Neil Hauck of Neil Hauck Architects, the architect for the project. "Weed Beach is a centerpiece to this coastal community and it is exciting that we will finally have a durable and aesthetically pleasing building that the entire community can enjoy."

Part of the original plan was the waterfront playground installed during June 2009. Approximately $250,000 of private funds was raised by Playground by the Sound, a 501c3 not for profit, allowing this phase of the project to move forward. For more information about the Weed Beach Improvement Project, please visit http://www.darienct.gov.

max July 29, 2011 at 01:13 PM
No pool included in the plan, but an all important new paddle tennis operations building.
Chris Noe July 30, 2011 at 10:32 AM
The unemployment figures have been over 9% for 18 months. The last recession in '92 the unemployment hit rate hit 7.4 for 4 months. How about real Darien stories of the local econmic picture. Stories like: 20 years with the same company, sales based compensation has been half for the past three years, layed off with two months severance. If that doesn't throw you back in you chair for a couple deep breaths what will. Darien Incorporated is growing on average of 4% per year. If it was a business in the private sector in this economy you would buy their stock. Darien Incorporated is not a private company, it's a municipality, it's our tax burden growing at 4% per year. I would like to thank Evonne Klein, Linda Santarella, Callie Sullivan, Seth Morton and last but not least David Bayne for delaying the police station and the Weed Beach projects. I feel we should have waited until unemployment numbers came down to 7.5% before we proceeded with these capital projects.
max July 30, 2011 at 02:39 PM
If ever. Maintenance is needed. Tearing down and over building is not needed.
sebastian dangerfield July 30, 2011 at 03:01 PM
chris-- I dont think you should analyze Unemployment rates on a national level, when deciding the fate of our town. To that end, while unempoyment in the NY City area is around 8.4%,and under 8% in Fairfield County, --Malloy's tax solution , and the move by UBS out of Stamford, has me thinking things will get worse in Darien. So, while I disagree with your numbers, I agree with your conclusion. But---too late.....on the police station. (By the way---Im thinking the police station is not unlike the library----Darien now has a massive library, when , I think most people were fine with the old one. The huge new one, seemed unnecessary 3 years ago, and still does. )
sebastian dangerfield July 30, 2011 at 03:08 PM
I still dont get the 18 million dollar cost on the police station. We built a school (that many thought was too expensive) at 72 million. But that accomodates 1200+ students and 100+ teachers and staff, gyms playing fields, cafeterias, auditoriums... 18 is 25% of 72. One quarter of the High School cost is what we get for police station?? It seems so out line with what you get. If the cost were 3.5 mio --Id understand. 18? Im guessing they needed the best of the best of the best in terms of facilitiies. Im not sure those indulgences are what we should be spending in this day and age.


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