William Tong, Nicola Tarzia Face Off in 147th District Race

Democrat Tong will defend his seat against Republican Tarzia.

On behalf of the Asian community in Stamford, this is a great victory for us," William Tong said Tuesday night during a Democratic Election Day party at Downtown Stamford's The Palms.

Tong said the only reason any of them were able to accomplish what they had was because of the strong base they had at home.

"I want to thank our families for putting up with a whole bunch of B.S.," Tong said. "You're getting attack mail in your mail box and it's tough on our families and they deserve our thanks."

Precinct 15: 866 Tarzia, 1456 Tong

Precinct 19: 937 Tarzia, 1301 Tong

Precinct 20: 388 Tarzia, 581 Tong

Precinct 21: 1191 Tarzia, 1779 Tong

Precinct 3 (Darien): 930 Tarzia, 519 Tong

All Districts In

Democrat William Tong, who has served in the the 147th District since 2006, is a Hartford native and is an attorney with Finn Dixon & Herling LLP. He formerly served as a commissioner on the Personnel Commission of the City of Stamford, and is a member of the Board of Directors for Person-to-Person.

His opponent Republican Nicola Tarzia is a Stamford native, a real estate developer, and has served as the Founding Board Member of Stamford Public Education Foundation and Commissioner on Stamford Sewer/Water Commission.

At a League of Women Voters Candidates Night last month, Tarzia and Tong differed mostly on affordable housing, according to the Darien Times.

While Tarzia labeled affordable housing in Darien as "unfair," Tong believes the town should pay a fine to other cities for taking on additional affordable housing.

When Tarzia enterd the race in late Septemeber, Tong called the move "scorched-earth, last-minute, underhanded tactics." according to the Stamford Advocate.

"I've been contemplating this for awhile, and with the support I got it pushed me over the edge," Tarzia replied.

Quick Facts

  • Tong is married to his law school classmate and colleague, Elizabeth Tong, who is a corporate tax lawyer at Finn Dixon & Herling LLP.
  • Tarzia is a distant cousin of Joe S. Tarzia and former finance board chairman Joe Tarzia, according to the Stamford Advocate.


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