Sandy Hook School Shooting Online Chats Result in Firing of New York Teacher

The teacher is now suing the Bedford School District.

Former Fox Lane High School teacher Adam Heller was fired for alleged messages of government conspiracies behind Sandy Hook shooting and is filing suit against the Bedford School District. Photo contributed.
Former Fox Lane High School teacher Adam Heller was fired for alleged messages of government conspiracies behind Sandy Hook shooting and is filing suit against the Bedford School District. Photo contributed.
Written by Wendy Mitchell

A former Fox Lane High School English teacher who allegedly wrote in online conversations with a "medium" that the government was behind the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, is suing the school district for firing him.

The Bedford school district fired Pound Ridge resident Adam Heller, 35, after a disciplinary hearing on charges brought by schools Superintendent Jere Hochman that he suffered from "mental illness," the Journal News reports.

According to court documents, Heller acquired a Russian military rifle on the same day that Adam Lanza killed twenty students and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

In that same month, December 2013, Heller began having online conversations with Georgia O'Connor about government conspiracies. Court documents state that O'Connor is a "medium." 

During these instant messages on the popular app Words with Friends, Heller told O'Connor he was concerned about "government power and corruption, including the potential use by the government of technology to effect weather patterns and nationwide conspiracies," according to court documents.

Two weeks after the Sandy Hook School shooting, Heller purchased the first of his two guns. O'Connor began to grow concerned over his well-being and contacted the FBI, who contacted Bedford Police Chief William Hayes.Hayes alerted Pound Ridge Police Chief David Ryan who contacted Hochman.

According to police reports, on January 18, 2013, police followed Heller after school to Precision Armory gun store in Carmel, where he looked into buying a .22 caliber rifle with a removable barrel. On his way back form the gun shop police pulled him over and asked to meet at his house to talk.

According to Heller's lawsuit, there were about eight law enforcement officers already at his house. After his questioning, Heller was taken to Westchester Medical Center's Behavioral Health Unit, where it was determined that he had a fast pulse and was taken to the emergency room.

From there he was transferred to the Behavior Health Unit where he was involuntarily committed and evaluated, according to Heller's lawyer, Michael Sussman. Heller was discharged with a clearance letter saying he could return to work on February 11, 2013 and he contacted Hochman to tell him the news.

Hochman asked Heller to undergo psychiatric evaluation. Heller met with Dr. Alexander Lerman who was unable to conclude whether Mr. Heller presented a risk to others because Mr. Heller failed to cooperate with the evaluation, records state.

On May 12, the hearing officer agreed with all of the charges and terminated Heller's employment.

Heller is disputing the claim that he was uncooperative with Lerman or that he suffers from any serious mental illness, the Journal News reports.

To read the full article on the Journal News, click here.

Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on Bedford-Katonah Patch.

porter gladstone III June 28, 2014 at 10:24 AM
Jason, interesting how you describe the force multiplier. "published by the u.s. military." haha. Intellectually dishonest. Trying to misrepresent the truth. Why do you do that? Because by portraying it for what it is -you realize weakens your b.s. ? Force multiplier was a term paper written by some first year cadets and envisioned a future where the government could control the weather and what could be done. It is set in the year 2025 -because as the book says " this technology does not exist. Nice b.s. man. I think you are full of it and im sure you respect my opinion,because we are all free to think what we like. The problem with your logic is that the school administration is also free to think as they like, and they think that this guy is a threat to children. The school didnt charge him with a crime. The school said they believe he is unstable and coupled with the purchase of guns they made their choice, just as they are free to do. He made his choice, they made theirs. It sounds like you, jason , believe that only heller gets a choice? Sorry dude, but at some point your logic catches up to you. Or do you believe that we not only get the right to have our own thoughts, but the only ones that should be respected is the thoughts that agree with jason? The school thinks one way--respect it man. We live in a society where the school administration gets to think as well.
Ann_B June 28, 2014 at 10:49 AM
Ah, PG I think you miss the point a little. Yes, we should all be allowed to think what we want. But we CAN NOT DO whatever we want. I can think the moon is made of cream cheese. As long as I don't step on your rights, I should be allowed to have my thoughts. It's only when I interfere with your rights that I should be stopped. Dissecting what happened above, the teacher had his thoughts and didn't physically interfere with anyone. He should be in the clear. The schools however, thought he was a kook. That's fine. They are allowed to think he is a kook. But then they did interfere with his rights by firing him. I think the schools crossed the line. Not the teacher.
porter gladstone III June 28, 2014 at 11:05 AM
Ah Ann, I disagree. The man has a right to buy a gun. You have the right to think the moon is made of cheese, and I have the right to form an opinion of you based on your thoughts and actions. And as a person who has a responsibility to protect the children, the school administrator has obligation is to act on his impressions. Mr Heller does not have a right to work in that school. he has a privilege. If he had a "right" then he should just walk into any other school and demand a job. It is not how it works. You are I cannot determine if Mr Heller should have a job at the school. However in each hiring decision, school or no school, an assessment is made as to the competence of the individual. That assessment is ongoing, and should be when it comes to children who are not capable of protecting themselves. (by definition of minor). I think you are desperately trying to obfuscate the facts in a manner that achieves the impression that this firing was done with malice. At some point we all form judgments and the school administration's primary obligation in this case is to have an eye to safeguarding the kid. If you think he is totally sane--and competent, then Im sure he will easily get another job in another school. Bottom line is you dont have a RIGHT to work at that Bedford School. And the Bedford School didnt charge him with a crime. They just decided he was dangerous. That's their job. They are not telling Heller he cant think the way he does. They are saying that they have determined that people that think the government programmed adam lanza and control the weather and have been actively accumulating guns and lying to psychologists might be better off employed somewhere else. ________
Christine June 28, 2014 at 06:01 PM
Jason please read through http://riversong.wordpress.com/sandy-hook-the-real-story/ It is one of the most detailed accounts of what occurred on 12/14/12 at SHE. It also addresses the tarp triage.
porter gladstone III June 28, 2014 at 10:42 PM
Jason Hammerschmidt June 27, 2014 at 05:15 PM Obama has killed hundreds of thousands if not millions and is an admitted cocaine user. Bush killed millions and was an admitted cocaine user.. stop those madmen who actually did something first- and disarm them, before going after law abiding citizens who have done nothing hypocrite. --------------------------- Wow===you are not helping your cause. ----------- 1- Obama has not killed hundreds of thousands. 2- Bush did not kill millions 3- bush is not an admitted cocaine user. 4- drugs have nothing to do with this issue? 5-You seem to think that if he is behind bars. He isnt. As far as I know, no one accused him of breaking the law. 6- A good offense in this forum doesnt make a good defense. You claimed the force multiplier said the weather was controlled by the government. It didnt. But I guess when you get exposed you get nutty and start talking about the "millions" (millions hahahah) that Bush "killed." I think it might be time for you to get some help dude.


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