John Delcos
Greetings folks. I am a news junkie and want to introduce myself to the readers of the Ridgefield Patch. I will be writing columns, features and covering news events for you here.
I am 55, divorced and have lived in Ridgefield for the past seven years. I will write about that life, as well as sports, music, history and things that pique my curiosity. I'm not shy about expressing my opinions and enjoy the give-and-take banter, such that I receive on my blog about the New York Mets. When I covered the Mets I was the only beat reporter to operate an interactive blog. That’s what I hope you’ll do with me here. I will respond to your comments and questions. My recent background is as a baseball writer. In addition to the blog I still get to the parks and currently am working on several book projects. However, my roots are local, having grown up in a small, New England style town of Hudson, Ohio, which is very similar to Ridgefield. I will draw comparisons between the two.
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