Local author publishes eBook rating Nantucket restaurants


Wilton resident James Cooper last week published a new eBook,  “Where to Dine on Nantucket.”  It provides food photographs and candid reviews of over 40 of Nantucket’s eateries. The eBook contains over 260 photographs taken of restaurants and of Nantucket itself, and ranks the restaurants from 4 stars down to zero stars. While this is Cooper’s first eBook, he has published 17 previous books.

Cooper explained that his family has been traveling to Nantucket at least once each year for over 20 years. “We’ve learned a lot about the restaurants there, and this book gives me a chance to combine my photography with reviews and information about more than 40 of them. While Nantucket is known for its fine dining, there are a lot of nice, smaller places and family restaurants we cover too.

“We tell you about the very best places to eat, and even suggest a couple you might want to skip,” he explained.

The book also includes at least one interior photograph of nearly every restaurant to help you judge its atmosphere and décor. There really are no longer any truly formal “coat and tie” restaurants on Nantucket, “resort casual” is acceptable dress everywhere on the island. And from these ratings and descriptions you can judge whether a restaurant is suitable for your children.

Cooper has written over 800 columns as the Nantucket Restaurant Examiner and as the Fairfield County Food Examiner, and has written extensively about food, restaurants and food science. “Examiner.com  has been really good to me,” he explained, “I’ve gotten to write what I want and tell people where the best places are without any restrictions.”

This dining guide is available as an E-book in EPUB format: you should be able to view it on your iPad, Nook, Nexus or Surface tablets or even your iPhone if you want. An ideal island companion, provided many more facts and rankings than the island’s advertising-laden menu guides, this book contains no advertising, just pictures of restaurants and their food along with recommendations. For full information, and free sample chapters, you can consult the book’s web site, NantucketDiningGuide.net.


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