5 Reasons for a Darienite to Stop at the I-95 Rest Stop

Why would someone from Darien stop at the I-95 Darien North rest stop? Well, there aren't many reasons, but there are a few:

1. No faster way to get to a Mac N' Out dish for your macaroni and cheese fix. The restaurant (really just a take-out counter near the rest stop's common seating area), is now open.

2. You're looking for something to do with the kids this summer or looking for day trips for your visiting relatives, here on an extended stay: The state tourist office has brochures galore and staffs a counter at the rest stop.

3. Sbarro's. The Italian-food, fast-food joint is right there. And if one of your kids turns up her nose at it, McDonald's is right next door (and there's Mac N 'Out).

4. You forgot to go to the bathroom as you were rushing the kids out of the house.

5. If you've got an electric car in need of a little juice, the rest stop has a Supercharger station (a kind that Tesla Motors calls "the fastest charging station on the planet").

Four reasons NOT to stop there:

1. You need gas but you can wait to get off at Exit 13 (the price always seems to be $3.99 -- not even a hedge fund manager wants to pay that, although prices around town seem to be getting closer to it).

2. You're looking for a Pinkberry frozen yogurt (it's not open yet).

3. You're looking for barbecue chicken from a Wilson's restaurant (not open yet).

4. You're looking for a Cheeseboy place (again, not yet open).


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