That's Darien's Karen Summerton in Chobani's TV Ad

Summerton reportedly plays a girl in a farming town that erects a giant screen for watching the Olympic games

If you saw the Chobani Yogurt commercial during Olympics coverage in recent days and wondered why that young woman in it looks so familiar, your mind isn't playing a trick on you—she's from Darien.

Karen Summerton, a graduate who once played the Artful Dodger in "Oliver!" for Theatre 308, is the young woman you're seeing.

She plays a girl in a farming town that erects a giant screen for watching the Olympic games. You can see her more than once in the attached video of the commercial: She's at the 13-second mark, the 31-second mark—and is that her at the 45-second mark?

Summerton regularly does improv comedy at the National Comedy Club in Manhattan (show dates are listed on her website), and she's acted in small roles both comedic and non-comedic on television, in movies and online.

Before last Saturday's performance at the National Comedy Club, she informed readers of her Facebook page that she'd be passing out free samples of Chobani Yogurt.

Summerton has played in the TBS sitcom “Are We There Yet,” which was filmed in Stamford, and will have a recurring role on the upcoming MTV sketch comedy series, “The Nikki & Sara Show,” according to a post on the Culture Cache blog on Hearst Newspapers websites, including Darien News.

She recently tweeted, "Hey..I just met you...and this is crazy...but here's my headshot....now rep me, maybe? #agent"

Among the special skills listed on her resume are improvisation, sketch comedy, stand-up comedy, western horseback riding, violin and "ear wiggling." 

Correction: Karen Summerton regularly does improv at the National Comedy Club, not stand-up comedy, as stated in an earlier version of this article.

Karen Boccadoro August 02, 2012 at 03:10 AM
Yay Karen! I'm sure her family is very proud of her!


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