Home Sales: Pasture Lane, Revere & Old Stone Roads

Property transfers recently filed in the Darien Town Clerk's Office.

Locations for these properties, listed as sold in the , can be seen on the attached map:

16 Appletree Lane—TruliaZillow—Brian A. McDonald and Andrea D. McDonald to Pieter Van Munching, sold July 27, filed July 30, $1,595,000

35 Walmsley Rd.—TruliaZillow—William P. Hackett and Erin E. Hackett to Nathan Davis and Erinn Davis, sold July 27, filed July 30, $890,000

27 Casement St.—TruliaZillow—Andre Dobrowsky and Angela Dobrowsky to Christopher Finley and Caitlin B. Finley, sold and filed July 31, $1,382,500

14 Revere Rd.—TruliaZillow—Penni Lynn Foley to Carl Karpiak and Liza B. Karpiak, sold July 27, filed July 31, $1,700,000

95 Raymond St.—TruliaZillow—Joseph M. Condon and Nancy B. Condon to Stanley J. Gromelski and Gina Gromelski, sold July 25, filed July 31, $1,675,000

3 Old Stone Rd.—TruliaZillow—Kenneth S. Weeks and Margaret P. Weeks to Stacia Branca and Nicholas Branca, sold July 27, filed Aug. 1, $715,000

20 Pasture Ln.—TruliaZillow—James S. Archibald and Donna R. Holt to John J. O'Connell III and Mary Joel O'Connell, sold and filed Aug. 1, $2,525,000—pictured

12 Robin Hood Ln.—TruliaZillow—Anthony Scibona and Donna M. Scibona to James S. Archibald and Donna R. Holt, sold July 31, filed Aug. 2, $1,135,000



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