Darien Police to Hold June 25 Forum on Senior Scams

The interactive session is designed to help protect Darien seniors from scams.


are planning to hold an for seniors this month that’s designed to protect the town’s elderly from increasingly prevalent scams targeting them.

The forum will be held at 12:30 p.m. on June 25 at the .

Led by Darien police Sgt. Keri Isaac and Officer Luke Adams, the session will focus on specific scams that town seniors have fallen victim to in the past year, officials said.

“[Scams targeting seniors] are very prevalent” and come in waves, Isaac said.

According to Adams, greater numbers of seniors are connecting through technology such as email, though many do not intuitively understand when something doesn’t look right. Many seniors are embarrassed to report when they’ve been victimized, he said.

“More seniors are getting involved with computers and the Internet and email, and it’s new to them,” Adams said.

In some cases, scams are seasonal—such as offers now for driveway and roof repair, Adams said.


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