Iowa Bouncer Tells Police Fake ID Is—His Own

An Iowa City, IA, bouncer told police he recognized a patron's fake ID as his own driver's license.

IOWA CITY, IA—As police tell it, there seems to have been only one flaw in a 19-year-old's plan to use somebody else's identification to enter a local bar: The ID he submitted was the bouncer's own.

Iowa City Police gave this account of the incident:

Steven Fiorella, 19, of Iowa City bought an identification card, a debit card and an AAA card for $20 at a party, he later told police.

Early Sunday morning, he tried to use the identification card to enter Union Bar in this community of over 67,000 people.

When the bouncer took a look at the ID, he recognized it as his own. His reaction at that moment appears not to have been revealed in various news reports of the incident.

Steven Fiorella is charged with 5th degree theft and unlawful use of a driver's license. The Union staffer apparently had already reported the items stolen.

Editor's note: Information in this article originally was published by Iowa City Patch.


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