Keeping Warm in a Cold Darien

Here's how people who work outside in cold weather keep warm around Darien.

The local experts on keeping warm in winter aren't in the clothing shops or the doctor's offices—they're right outside.

Three men who work outdoors in the cold were interviewed separately in the freezing weather on Wednesday, and when it comes to dressing warmly, they have a consensus on how to do it that's as solid as a block of ice.

(They should have an easier time of it today, as the cold snap is predicted to warm up to almost 40 degrees in Darien, although winds of up to 17 mph will make it feel colder.)

Pablo Caffagna can be found at the booth by the exit at , 181 West Ave, sometimes inside the little booth, but often outside.

"I'm from South America," the Venezuala native said. "I used to take the heat. I've been working for almost 13 years at Ring's End, and I'm kind of used to the cold, now. I can handle it much better."

Now, he's gotten so used to the cold, he says, that "my wife calls me 'Polar Bear.' She puts the heat on in the car, and I say, 'I'm too hot—you've got to turn it down!'"

He said the large Ring's End shed is even colder indoors, although the men who work there are also used to it, and they also have a warm room they can go into to warm up.

How does he keep warm?

"Well, I have to dress the proper way," he said. "I always wear my long johns and cover myself in layers. A hat is very important."

Servio Maldonado, who pumps gas at the at 179 Noroton Ave., said the same:

"I have a lot of clothes inside this coat," he said, referring to a jumpsuit-like garmet he was wearing. "This coat is very good for a cold day."

Omar Lock, a quality control worker at at 251 Post Rd., gives the final touch-ups to cars that go through the wash. His answer was the same:

"Mostly layers—I put a couple of layers on," he said. "Make sure you've got a nice pair of gloves. Boots, too. I probably wear two or three pairs of socks."

How many pairs of socks did he have on just then?

"I'm wearing three, now."

Lisa Wilson Grant January 05, 2012 at 12:55 PM
I believe you intended to say, "Now that he's gotten used to the COLD" (not heat)
David Gurliacci (Editor) January 05, 2012 at 02:24 PM
Yes. Thanks for catching that, Lisa. I've changed it.


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