Letter: For Hagerty-Ross and Schneider-Zuro for Board of Ed

Brad and Courtney Darby of Darien say in their letter to the editor that they support the GOP's doubly hyphenated pair of candidates for Boar of Education: Betsy Hagerty-Ross and Sarah Schneider-Zuro.

To the editor,

We are writing to express our strong support for Sarah Schneider-Zuro and Betsy Hagerty-Ross for Board of Education. 

Without question, Sarah and Betsy have exceptional backgrounds and a true commitment our schools and community.

With extensive experience as a teacher and administrator as well as two graduate degrees in education, Sarah brings in-depth knowledge and insight to the Board.  Over the last year, Sarah’s attention to detail and educational background proved to be invaluable as a YWCA Parent Awareness board member.

As a budget representative for Royle School, Sarah demonstrated outstanding skills in communicating financial issues to the school community and the public at large.  She worked to provide regular updates to parents and delivered a detailed presentation in support of the elementary school budget.

Similarly, Betsy has extensive background and commitment to our community. Betsy worked in the finance industry for 17 years and has spent six years on the Board of Education.  We are incredibly fortunate to have her serving as the current Chair with her deep understanding of our school’s needs and attention to the bottom line.

Betsy’s knowledge of the schools, teachers and students is unparalleled.  She carefully researches budget needs and understands both sides of every issue.

Both Sarah and Betsy are proven assets to the Board of Education and we hope you will join us in supporting them this November.

Brad and Courtney Darby

Editor's note: See also: Darien Board of Ed Candidates Debate Tonight (Thursday, Oct. 18)


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