Letters Supporting GOP Candidates for Board of Ed

Colleen Lyons as well as Jennifer and Dave Shea say in letters to the editor that they support Betsy Hagerty-Ross and Sarah Schneider-Zuro, Republicans running for seats on the Darien Board of Education.

Education and Finance Experience

To the editor:

As we enter the home stretch of a presidential election year, it is hard not to be besieged by the numerous campaign ads and debates.  Let’s not forgot local politics. For the first time in almost two decades, Darien’s Board of Education has three open seats with four candidates seeking election.  

On Nov. 6, my husband, Ed, and I will be proudly casting our votes for Betsy Hagerty-Ross and Sarah Schneider-Zuro.

Having known and worked with both women personally for the past three years, I can unequivocally say that they are the right candidates for the job.  As a member of the Council of Darien School Parents, I have had the opportunity to watch both Betsy and Sarah in action as they consistently stand up for quality schools.  It just makes good sense to elect Board of Education leaders who have personally had extensive careers in finance and education.

We are very lucky to have such fine candidates who are willing to dedicate their collective energies to our schools, our community, and most importantly to our children.  Please join us in casting your vote for Betsy Hagerty-Ross and Sarah Schneider-Zuro on Tuesday, November 6th.

Colleen Lyons

15 Oak Park Avenue


Collaborative and Responsive

To the editor:

The residents of Darien will soon have an important Board of Education decision to make on Election Day.  As active parents and PTO members in this community, we have personally seen the work that Sarah Schneider-Zuro and Betsy Hagerty-Ross have done on behalf of our town’s children. 

We have known these women and their families for many years and we believe that they have the right qualities for the job.  Between them, they bring sophisticated education and financial backgrounds as well as a high standard of credentials to the Board. 

As present Board members, they have already successfully proven themselves.  Sarah and Betsy understand the significance of their role and they’ve demonstrated to our community countless times that they are collaborative, active listeners who promote educational excellence and the well-being of all of the children in our town.  We’re fortunate to have them!

Wonderful schools have long been a hallmark of Darien and these two women are the right choice for our Board of Education.  We’re not about to risk a sure thing.  Please join us in voting for Sarah Schneider-Zuro and Betsy Hagerty-Ross on Nov. 6. 

Jennifer and Dave Shea


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