Things to Keep out of Your Car: $4K of Pot, 2nd Underaged Teen, $10K in Cash

Just in time for school: Herewith a course catalog for the School of Hard Knocks.

A teenage driver was pulled over in Naugatuck for having a passenger before he’s legally allowed, police said. As a result of the stop, according to police, in his car. 


A Norwalk man lost $10,000 cash Monday when his car was burglarized. He told police he had the money hidden under the driver's seat for a trip to a casino. A window was smashed to gain entry.


After being followed by police, in a swamp in Westport.


A Bridgeport woman was charged with DUI after she , NY. The woman reportedly had a suspended license for a previous DUI. Police said she was so combative during her arraignment that she was held in a Westchester County Jail.


An illegal alien living in Stratford was sentenced to 15 months in prison this week for to Brazil.


A Stamford man was arrested on Wednesday after at Dunkin' Donuts on Prospect Street, according to police.



A 24-year-old Amityville, NY man crawled into a large clothing donation bin in Darien recently—and then found he couldn't get out, Darien police said. He had his cell phone with him in the bin and called the company that owns it, but it was past 3 a.m., and all he could do was leave a message, so he called police and asked to be rescued. It took a visit from the local fire department to cut through a chain and free him, whereupon he was arrested. The company that owns the bins told police that the metal boxes are —because so many thieves had been stealing from them. (Is that a good idea? A poll about that is attached to the article.)


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