Cops: He Choked Mother, Thursday; Girlfriend, Saturday

Police arrested Elias Sofronas of Darien on second-degree strangling charges twice in one week. Arrest and incident information is supplied by the Darien Police Department. It does not indicate guilt or convictions.

On Nov. 1, a Thursday, Elias Sofronas, 47, was released on $50,000 bond after he was arrested on charges of assaulting and choking his mother.

By Saturday, Nov. 10, police were called to the scene of another incident and wound up charging Sofronas with strangling again. This time he was accused of choking his girlfriend.

Darien Police Capt. Frederick W. Komm, a spokesman for the department, gave this account of the incidents:

In the first incident, Sofronas' mother, who lived in the same home with him, heard a noise in her bedroom. In the past Sofranas would go into her bedroom looking for money, she told police.

When she confronted him, he choked her, pushed her against a wall, then pushed her downstairs. She had a swolen neck and red marks on her neck after the incident, but she declined medical treatment.

Sofronas was charged with third-degree assault on an elderly person, second-degree strangulation and disorderly conduct. He posted $50,000 and was freed, but only after a protective order was issued forbidding him to go back to the house.

At about 4:22 a.m., Sofronas' mother, who lived in the same home with him, heard a loud argument between Sofranas and his girlfriend, who lives at the same address. The mother called 911.

The couple had been out together, and on their way back they got into an argument, police were later told. The girlfriend threw his keys out the window, which he then couldn't find.

As she tried to get back into the house, Sofronas grabbed her by the neck. She was able to back away and get in the house, which he also entered. He then threatened to assault her with a knife, although apparently he never made a move to get the knife.

He later left the residence, but police located him and arrested him, this time keeping him in lieu of a $150,000 bond.

This time, Sofronas was charged with disorderly conduct, second-degree strangling and second-degree threatening. He appeared Monday in state Superior Court in Stamford.

Editor's note: Earlier versions of this article used the word "strangled" instead of "choked." One definition of "strangle" is to choke, but the more common definition of that word is to choke to death. Although Connecticut statutes call the criminal charge "strangling" (Section 53a, 64bb) they define the criminal act as choking in the more common sense. To avoid confusing readers, the wording has been changed to "choked" in the headline and story.

elias11223 November 09, 2013 at 02:59 AM
I chase her through the house to get my keys and when I catch up with her she said she through them off the balcony, oh great! So no me and her are arguing back and forth she is trying to tell me not to be mad because of what she did at my friends that it was no big dean that she wanted to make a little extra money for us, yea right, first, I don't ever want that kind of money and number two, I felt like she was forcing me to stay with her and the more I felt that the more I wanted to get away from her! Meanwhile my mom is upstairs listening to us, because we probably both sound like a pair of idiots (which we where) my mom now knows that I was drinking and probably using drugs and she was terrified I was going to stop my heart and kill myself and she felt the only thing she could do to save me from myself is lock me up anyway she could.
elias11223 November 09, 2013 at 03:08 AM
so this is where the strangulation thing comes in, when the cops came I didn't even know who called or how they could have known we where arguing, my mother called from her room I didn't even see her, when the police took me in, I didn't even know what I was being arrested for, till way later when they told me I did not believe them, I didn't believe it till I bonded out and herd it from my own mothers mouth, she told me she was sorry but she didn't know what else to do to get me to stop drinking that she couldent just sit by and watch me kill myself (I don't blame her, but lets get the story right please)
elias11223 November 09, 2013 at 03:26 AM
And by the way, the red marks the cops say they saw on my moms neck, where from acid peels my mom does, they weren't finger marks, there is a difference, although the acid peel does look bad, it is not strangulation! Now when I bond out the next day my mom calls me and tells me that, That Amy girl is still at the house and she is acting very weird, and could I please go there and get her out, so im thinking that this girl must be really messed up by now and I hope she dosent do anything stupid to my mom, so I hurry home, violating the protective order because im hoping this girl wont hurt my mom im not thinking about any protective order now, so when I get there me and the girl start to argue all over again, back and forth nonsense and so my mom calls the police again not thinking anything about the protective order, she didn't even know the courts had one in place, but now this girl Amy knows what had happened with my mom the night before and uses this to her advantage and says I tried to do the same to her, ohhh this just gets better and better, I couldent make this stuff up, I swear!!!
elias11223 November 09, 2013 at 03:40 AM
I may have done things to hurt myself in the past, but I never hurt anyone intentionally, I was married and have been in 5 other serious relationships in my past and have never touched anyone, I sure as hell am not going to start with my mom at age 47 I was at the time, now I just got out of prison for all that stuff and now im 49 with a birthday coming up in a few months, im not afraid to say im guilty for something I did, but please don't expect me to say im guilty for things I never did, and I didn't plead guilty to no strangulation charge, I pleaded guilty to assult 3rd which is argueing with someone which in turn violated my probation and they gave me 18 months of which I served 13 and the only reason I pleaded guilty to that was because I needed time to get myself right with the alcohol and drugs and my heart health and I knew if I went to jail I could concentrate on my health 100% This is Elias Sofronas and this is what happened.
elias11223 November 09, 2013 at 03:54 AM
Also after they arrested me for the second time that next day, that Amy girl convinced my mom with her tricky little way to let her stay at the house for a few days because she had nowhere to go, then when someone finally came and got her, my mom checks my room and everything of value was gone, my pc, some extra cash I had hidden, a comforter, some clothes (I couldent figure out that one ether) etc...


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