Golden Retriever Rescued from Icy Pond in Westport

The rescue was successful because the owner immediately called 911 and did not attempt to rescue the animal; nationally, 67 percent of "would-be rescuers" become victims themselves, according to Assistant Fire Chief Robert Yost.

Westport Firefighters saved a golden retriever’s life after it had wondered onto thin ice and fallen into a pond. 

The Westport Fire Department received a report at about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday that a dog had fallen through the ice on a pond in the back of 18 Hales Road.

“Firefighters immediately donned their cold water suits and went out to rescue the dog while tethered to a rope from shore,” Assistant Fire Chief Robert Yost said in a news release. 

The dog was rescued and turned over to an Animal Control Officer who then took the dog to a veterinarian for evaluation.

“The Westport Fire Department would like to remind you to never walk on ice unless you are absolutely sure it is safe,” Yost said. 

If you see a person or animal that has fallen through the ice, immediately call 911, he said.

“The successful outcome of this rescue was due to the immediate call to 911 and not attempting to rescue the animal. There is a national figure of 67 percent of would be rescuers become victims themselves,” Yost said.

Editor's note: This article originally was published by Westport Patch.


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