Got Lotsa Drugs in the Car? Wear the Seat Belt

Sound business advice for those in the illegal drug trade and some adults whose behavior, if the allegations are true, could put a serious dent in their chances of being named "Father of the Year."

A time-honored lesson in the annals of crime: If the plan is to move drugs around the city, at least try to obey basic traffic laws. According to Norwalk police, there were several instances coming out of Norwalk this week in which drivers involved in motor vehicle stops were found to have drugs on them, including two instances not having a seatbelt.


According to Ridgefield police, when they stopped an underage drinking party,  one of the teenage revelers tried driving away when police arrived. He stopped his car when police asked him to—but then, who was later released from the hospital.


A 42-year-old Shelton man was arrested and charged on an accusation he had who he believed was bullying his daughter. The parents of both of the 13-year-old victims refused medical attention for their children while on scene, police said.


Two Westport men were after after one man's son allegedly threw a water balloon near the other resulting in a physical altercation. According to police, the man attacked by the water balloon chased the 10-year-old boy that threw it and then strangled him. When the juvenile told his father about the attack, the father found the assailant and punched him in the nose.


A Fairfield man faces multiple charges after , police said. According to the report, the assailant bit his girlfriend's left forearm, physically restrained her, and took her 2005 blue Chevrolet Malibu without her permission.


A Stratford man arrested in Norwalk of identity theft and illegal credit card use in Stamford.

And in Darien ...

It was a case of one of the simplest of crimes being investigated with one of the most sophisticated new police devices: After a string of burglaries in Darien in which thieves opened more than 20 car doors, along with a few unlocked house and garage doors, local police arrested a Trumbull man after using a store surveillance tape of a car used by a customer making a purchase with a stolen credit card. But before they could make their arrest, police compared the car seen on the tape with cars that passed by operated by a police officer on the night of some of the burglaries. The woman who rented the car identified at least one thief, and some stolen items were found in his possession, police said.


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