Half Squad Car, Half Taxi Decor = 1 Message in MN

Looking like half a police car, half taxi cab, this squad car in Fridley, MN is meant to startle New Year's Eve drinkers with a message: 'Choose Your Ride'

FRIDLEY, MN—Dr. Doolittle would be proud.

Local law enforcement agencies will roll out a new police vehicle Monday in Fridley dubbed a "Taxi Squad."

Inside, it's all squad car. Outside, however, its front half is a squad car. Its back half is decked out as a taxi.

It's set to cruise nightclubs, bars and restaurants in Anoka County, MN starting New Year's Eve—not to give rides or make arrests but to deliver a message: "Choose Your Ride."

Editor's note: A version of this article originally was published by Fridley Patch in Minnesota.

Frank Higgins January 04, 2013 at 05:50 PM
wouldn't it have been cheaper to and just as effective to put displays in bars that don't require fuel, insurance and an employee and any pay package they may get. Also what good are they if they are not going to take people home. They could have paid people with vans or cars to put vinyl signs on them. This just seems to be a big big waste of TAXPAYERS money. What next, buy vehicles and pay people and insurance to drive around dressed up to say don't smoke in public, stay in school or don't shoot your school mates. When does the tax money waste stop. WE know we shouldn't do those these things. Or maybe tell the bars they can't let anyone leave diving if they are over the legal limit? Since your targeting mostly businesses that deal with alcohol. i would rather see the tax dollars go to police officers that need more or more equipment or more training or SUICIDE PROVENTION in Anoka County or helping the homeless in our county. Lets start putting our tax dollars to work really helping the people our county the that really need it. Aren't supposed to be more compassionate to those that have less than us and need more. When you sit down at the with your family, don't you make sure your have enough food to eat before you? Or how put into advertisement for drive more curtious on the road. How about it politicians and the heads that decided to do this with a car and our tax dollars.


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