Police: Darien Man Breaches Peace in SoNo Restaurant

Norwalk police said Kevin Wandzilak became belligerant after his credit card was rejected for a $70 bar tab.

Police say a Darien man became belligerent in a South Norwalk restaurant Thursday night after refusing to pay his $70 bar tab.

Officers were called to Donavan's Restaurant, 138 Washington St., at 10:34 p.m. on a complaint a patron, Kevin Wandzilak, 32, of 19 Devonshire Dr., was being verbally abusive to the staff.

Norwalk Police spokeswoman Sgt. Lisa Cotto gave this account of the incident and arrest:

A credit card Wandzilak offered to cover his tab was rejected twice for insufficient funds, and he tried to leave. When restaurant staff confronted him, the man, later identified as Kevin Wandzilak, starting berating them and throwing around chairs, Cotto said.

When officers arrived, they reported Wandzilak became physically aggressive toward them. He was handcuffed and put in a patrol car.

Wandzilak banged his head against the prisoner cage in the patrol car on the way to headquarters, and banged his head against the wall and then punched the wall in the holding facility.

He spewed obscenities at officers, refused to identify himself, and told them he was going to kill himself.

Wandzilak was charged with interferring with an officer, second-degree breach of peace, and criminal attempt to commit sixth-degree larceny. His bond and court date were unavailable Friday morning.

State judicial records show a Kevin J. Wandzilak was convicted in August 2004 of assaulting a police officer. He was fined $400.

In December 2009, Darien Patch reported Wandzilak and Gerard Buibney, also of Darien, were after Darien police responded to a report of a fight called in by a neighbor.

Police said Wandzilak attempted to drive away in a 1992 Mercedes 300 when Guibney began striking his car with a tennis racquet. Wandzilak was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

In May of this year, Wandzilak was convicted of second-degree breach of peace and interferring with an officer. He was sentenced to six months in jail, suspended execution, followed by one year of probation for the breach of peace charge; and one year in jail, execution suspended, followed by one year of probation on the inteferring charge.

Editor's note: This article by Norwalk Patch.

Darien Dapperman August 17, 2012 at 08:38 PM
A Darien man belligerent? Unheard of, I that those shanty Irish at Donovans should be investigated, along with the Norwalk PD for this outrageous treatment of one of our own.
Jeck August 20, 2012 at 04:43 PM
Why couldn't he just beat himself with a chair? He only has himself to blame for not having the money to pay.
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Owsley August 22, 2012 at 02:55 AM
Good job, drunk. See you in AA.
Mitzi August 22, 2012 at 12:07 PM


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