Sleep & Motor Vehicles—a Bad Mix

Don't sleep in the car. Don't sleep in the car. Especially don't sleep in the car when it's moving and you're the driver.

Don't sleep in the car, Part I:

Greenwich Police say a motorist slept through an engine fire in his car and firefighters extinguishing it. Perhaps not surprisingly,

Don't sleep in the car, Part II:

Westport police reportedly while the engine was running. An officer eventually broke one of the car windows in order to wake the driver, as he was totally unresponsive. 


A Shih Tzu in Stamford could be only after a carpenter was called to dismantle a portion of the deck.


, two youths chasing another by bicycle were sent to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after being struck by a car; a fourth teen was arrested for allegedly stealing a bike while he made his getaway.

And here in Darien, in case you missed it:

Seventeen motor vehicles, along with a house and a garage were entered overnight last weekend in Darien along several streets in town.


A Darien Police animal control officer wanted to give a woman a ticket charging her with having her dog off of a leash in a town park and not registering the dog, but she walked away, refused to accept the ticket and in giving information to the officer, police said. So for alleged violations of a state infraction and a town ordinance the woman was charged with a misdemeanor—interfering with an officer, and must appear in court.

Lisa Wilson Grant June 24, 2012 at 12:22 PM
Take the keys out of the ignition, silly!


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