Someone Stole the Cherry Lawn Park Sign — Just Guess How Much the Thing Cost

Makes you wonder how much this sign cost.
Makes you wonder how much this sign cost.
Darien spent an estimated $1,500 to $2,000 for a sign about three feet wide and about three feet high to tell people they're in or (passing by) Cherry Lawn Park.

And now someone's stolen it. So it's likely decorating some teenager's bedroom or (come fall) a college student's dorm room.

Darien Parks & Recreation Director Susan Swiatek reported the sign missing to Darien Police. She said she first saw the sign was missing as early as Monday, May 12. Shortly after 3 p.m. on Tuesday, she contacted Darien Police and reported it missing.

If any parents, plumbers or pals happen to see this sign in someone's bedroom, please report the matter to town police. The sign reads:

Cherry Lawn Park
Darien Nature Center
Darien Parks & Recreation Commission

At $2,000 for the sign, that would work out to about $180 per word, $31.25 a letter.


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