Two Motor Vehicles Burglarized in Downtown Darien

A pickup truck parked on Tokeneke Road and a BMW parked in the Mechanic Street Parking Lot were each found burglarized on Sunday.

A pickup truck and a BMW each had their windows smashed in and were found burglarized Sunday morning when they were parked downtown.

gave these accounts of the incidents:

Pickup truck, Tokeneke Road

The first of the burglaries to be reported to police on Sunday, Sept. 9, was from the owner of a GMC Sierra pickup truck, which was parked near 65 Tokeneke Rd. from about 5 p.m. Saturday to 10 a.m. Sunday, when the owner returned.

The rear passenger-side window had been shattered and various tools were taken with a value of about $2,200. Some tools had been taken from the cab of the truck, others from the trucks bed.

A mesh cover over the bed of the truck had been rolled back to get at the tools. Various types of saws, drills, compressors and nail guns were taken.

BMW, Mechanic Street Parking Lot

While police were investigating the pickup truck burglary, a report came in about the burglary of a 2008 BMW 5 Series. Someone saw that the rear passenger-side window had been smashed out.

Police had not yet contacted the owner before the Monday news briefing, so they didn't know how long the car had been parked at the spot or what had been taken.

In a wooded area near the Mechanic Street lot, police found some contents they believe were in the BMW—a CD and various toys.

Because the burglaries were relatively close to each other, police said they believe the two probably are related.


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