Financial Pasts of Murphy, McMahon Scrutinized

News and updates from the campaign trail in Connecticut

U.S. Senate

The financial past of both Chris Murphy and Linda McMahon is being used by both camps to paint the other candidate as irresponsible.

Murphy’s campaign is brining up McMahon’s involvement in the 1976 bankruptcy of the WWE – then known as the World Wrestling Federation. According to the Associated Press, McMahon’s company owed $1 million to creditors.

‘‘It’s wrong that McMahon made hundreds of millions of dollars at the WWE but still has not paid back the people she owes from her foreclosure and bankruptcy,’’ said Ben Marter, a spokesperson for Chris Murphy.

McMahon’s campaign is honing in on Murphy’s past, where he missed mortgage payments on his home and tax payments on his car, reports the Hartford Courant.

Fourth District

Steve Obsitnik (R) issued a second round of grades for U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, giving him an F for student loan debt, college options for prospective students and job prospects for college graduates.

Himes’ campaign spokesperson graded Obsitnik as well.

"Obsitnik, whose actual report card details his failing to vote in six elections since registering to vote in Connecticut, is once again desperately misleading voters by fabricating report cards," Justin Myers said, according to the Connecticut Post.



Third District

Rosa DeLauro (D) joined fellow Democrats in a press conference to hit Republicans on their stances on women’s issues, reports The Huffington Post.

Wayne Winsley (R): The candidate has a newly-redesigned website.

Fifth District

Elizabeth Esty’s attempts to link Andrew Roraback to controversial remarks by GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is a strategy being used by Democratic candidates throughout the nation, reports Talking Points Memo.

“It’s going to help us in every swing district in America,” House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland, was quoted as saying.

According to the Register Citizen, Roraback’s campaign accused Esty of “hyper-partisanship.”

Chris B. September 21, 2012 at 01:27 PM
If we insist that no-one that has ever missed a mortgage or a tax payment can run for office, and that every voter has a piece of photo identification, we inch further towards plutocracy.
Charlie O. September 21, 2012 at 01:41 PM
Woooooooooooooooo, Linda decides (after 35+ years) to come clean, wonder why. 11:22 p.m. EDT, September 20, 2012 More than 35 years after walking away from nearly $1 million in debts, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon Thursday night abruptly decided to repay her creditors — and defuse a growing campaign controversy.
sebastian dangerfield September 21, 2012 at 02:53 PM
Chris You miss the point...or you are creating a straw man argument. The idea is not that these people cant run for office---its that you should understand their sense of responsibility, and how they may or may not use the office for which they hold. It's true that Linda McMahon declared bankruptcy---so clearly she is not saying its a crime, or a reason to take off the ballot to miss a mortgage payment. Its not wrong either to rise up from bankruptcy, make a very successful company, and pay for a campaign out of your own pocket. This concept, however, is bizarrely being highlighted as a reason to dislike Linda McMahon. I also find it interesting that people have risen up in protest over the notion of photo id to vote. There was a conspiracy theory about voter fraud and computer rigging in the 2000 Presidential election----all furthered by democrats. Now we have to listen to how rare voter fraud is? We now listen to how voter id is racist? Chris --under the pretext of "getting an id is more onerous on (fill in the blank of what demographic you want to 'protect') what situation or event would not be discriminatory given the same premise? IN other words--if it is racist, because black people are known to have a more difficult time obtaining a photo id.--then is the DMV racist? How about the NAACP? If its tougher for a black man to attend a NAACP meeting, then is the NAACP racist for making it difficult for black people to attend?


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