Darien Changes the Way Drivers Pay for Parking in Train Station Lots

If you have parking vouchers, use them up. Within months you'll be paying for parking at Noroton Heights and Darien train stations with your smartphone or at a kiosk.

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Smartphone technology will soon be the way to pay for commuters at Darien's two train station parking lots (although you can use an on-site kiosk as well).

The First Selectman's Office issued this news release Thursday to announce the change:

Smartphone daily commuter parking payment “app” and Pay Stations are here!  Pay Stations will be available for commuters on Monday, June 2, 2014.

The Town of Darien is pleased to introduce new parking payment options that will make commuter parking more convenient.  New payment options available include paying through your smartphone with an app or by use of a parking lot pay station. 

The current system of scratch-off vouchers will come to an end and be replaced with new technology.  Vouchers will continue to be sold until August 31, 2014 and will be an acceptable payment option for daily parking until December 31, 2014. 

Starting on January 1, 2015, all daily parking payments will be through the smartphone app or a pay station located at the Darien and Noroton Height Train Stations.

Each train station has been equipped with three pay stations.

The mobile parking app is available through iTunes and Google Play as a free download.  Search for “mpay2park” and download to your device to set up an account.

Transactions are done “on the go” on your mobile device.
    •    No need to worry about Cash, Coin or Credit Card availability.
    •    View all transactions from an on line user account.
    •    Online receipts and secure password login.
    •    Pay from the comfort of your own vehicle, or the train, using your personal mobile device.
    •    User friendly and easy to use.
    •    Support Call Center

Payment can also be made through a website if you cannot download an app to your device.  Users can pay for parking at https://r.mpay2park.com/users/sign_in.


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